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June 30, 2011

100 Things: Part VI

51. smoothies

52. (fake) feather earrings

53. lingerie

54. cookie dough

55. smokey eyes

56. cakes

57. iced coffee

58. lace

59. Nutella

6o. knee-high boots

Pictures are from wehartit


Heather Does Make Up said...

Love these posts. May have to do one sometime! (:

Faye said...

MASSIVE love for cookie dough!! :) xx


Great list!
That smoothie looks delicious, if only I liked them!

Beauty By Rosh x said...

Coooookie dough! Love it! xD

Vintage Makeup said...

I love feather earrings too!

tiffyama said...

I just tweeted last night about wanting feather earrings...STILL WANT. :]

ohyouprettythings said...

I LOVE all of these things as well! :]

Carla said...

Those smoothies look terribly good!

lorien said...

how hot do those thigh highs with the stockings and suspenders look!!!! inloveeee.

G A B Y said...

@Heather Does Make Up : You should, I enjoy reading them, and lots of people seem to like them too!

@Faye @Beauty By Rosh x: So yummy!!

@LOOK! FLYING MONKEYS!: You don't like smoothies? I don't think someone ever told be that!

@Vintage Makeup: But fake ones, right? =P

@tiffyama : I really want some too, but I'm too lazy to search for synthetic ones LOL

@Carla : I bet they were =P

@lorien: That's exactly why I put them here (:

Maryam Maquillage said...

I'm totally with you on the iced coffee, smoothies, cakes, smokey eyes and lace!!! cute post :))

Curves ahead makeup said...

love this made me miss the food I can't have =( love it =)

daisy kate said...

I adore the pictures you chose! This is such a good idea, and those smoothies look delicious!

Fashion Stereotype

Cherry said...

I love feather earrings! Great post!

G A B Y said...

@Maryam Maquillage: I'm glad you liked this post (:

@Curves ahead makeup : Awww I'm sorry, but smoothies are delicious AND healthy, aren't they?

@daisy kate : I bet they were! I love smoothies (:

@Cherry: I still have to find some fake ones!

Y said...

love every single thing here..

NANCYXO said...

wow i see everything i love!


Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

I agree with everyone else! I love these postings!

Marie said...

I love Nutella too!:D

***** Marie *****

G A B Y said...

@Y @ NANCYXO @Hershley's Sweet Kiss: Glad you love the same things (:

@Marie : Isn't it yummy?

Karen Law said...

I LOVE everything you wrote in this post Gaby. We definitely have similar tastes ;)

Maya said...

i totally have to do a list like this sometime :)