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April 20, 2011

100 Things: Part IV

31. old houses

32. nail polish

33. high heels

34. stripes

35. picnic

36. mangas

 37. woods

38. singing birds

39. the beach

4o. Calvin & Hobbes

Part I
Part II
Part III

Pictures are from weheartit


SiSi Sparkles said...

This is such a cool idea! It's cool that you can go and look/think about these images and be happy :]


Supergirl said...

I love everything as well!!!:)

Tracy D said...

As always I love the photos you choose!

Vintage Makeup said...

Those birds are beautiful! :)


Love stripes.

Venus In Virgo said...

Love the images! The pretty birds are my fave! XOXO

Angelique said...

Great photos :D

Aly7 said...

great post!!

Susalie said...

All these pictures are so gorgeous! I used to really love Calvin & Hobbes when I was a kiddo. I'd check out the giant comic compilation books at the library LOL

Aya said...

LOL at the old houses! :D I love nail polish too! :)

Mara said...

Je ferais une revue sur les pinceaux ELF dès que je les aurais tous testés :)

Mais celui pour estomper les fards est super :)

..R May A.. said...

love this :)
all the pictures are gorgeous!! x

Kim's Vanity said...

That old house looks haunted! NEat.
I love old reonovated houses that are posh on the inside =)

G A B Y said...

@SiSi Sparkles: Exactly! I like to look through these posts when I'm feeling down.

@Supergirl : Yey! Maybe we are twins? =P

@Tracy D @Angelique @..R May A.. : I'm glad you like them (=

@Vintage Makeup @Venus In Virgo: I love waking up to birds singing in the summer (=

@Aly7: I'm glad you like it!

@Susalie : Am I weird because I still love them? They are so cute and Calvin's quotes actually make sens, I often refer to them LOL!

@Mara : Yey, j'ai hâte de lire ça!

@Kim's Vanity: Ahahah me too!

-mztoots- said...

yay to mangas! lol

G A B Y said...

@-mztoots- : Yey! I can't find good ones to read by these days though )=

Satinelle said...

Love this idea of post, so cute :)

Tamara--MochaMishMash said...

Cool idea! :)