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April 11, 2014

Guest Post | The Right Brushes For You

Most beauty enthusiasts understand the importance of a good set of makeup brushes. They are the foundation of any good makeup collection and an essential tool for anyone looking to get a natural, professional look with makeup. If you’ve been applying makeup with your fingers or with sponges, you’ll be amazed by the difference a good set of makeup brushes can make. Your finish will be smoother and your friends will be jealous of your flawless, photo finish! 

Picking the right brushes can be a challenging task, because, especially in a professional salon setting, you want to make sure that you have brushes to apply all sorts of makeup. You’ll need a complete set. A good makeup brush set should have 11-12 brushes and usually comes with some type of storage option for your brushes. In a typical set you should find a large powder brush, which you use for loose powders. An angled contour brush is usually included for contouring and highlights, something that celebrities have always used to achieve photo finishes but that are becoming more and more popular thanks to beauty blogs. You should also find a universal flat head brush in your set, which you can use for almost anything. A foundation brush and angled eye shadow brush should also be in your set. Both are definite necessities when applying makeup. A round, blooming brush which is usually short and fat is used to apply blush for rosy cheeks. A standard eye shadow brush that is not angled, as well as a flat brush that the ends have not been tapered on is also usually included. An eyeliner brush for liquid liners should come in your set for easy cat eyes and winged lids. A concealer brush, lip brush and eyebrow brush for shaping your brows are also essentials that you should look for in any makeup brush set. You can find complete sets at The Salon Outlet.

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April 10, 2014

March In Pictures

decadent chocolate fondue / Peach ready to travel  / pesto & cheese pastas / my first ever game of Risk! / mac & cheese and salad with friends / detox lemon water / toasts with raspberry jam, oranges & apples / my current favorite sweater / french toasts with bananas

biggest breakfast plate I was ever served! / gaming fun with my brother / scrumptious vegetarian homemade sushis! / party with friends / vegetarian Santa Fe wrap @ McDonald's / beginning my TSW journey / poutine from Benny&Co / chilling while my friends are ice fishing / peanut butter & bananas on bagels, clementine, cereals and tea / 

toasts with peanut butter & bananas, muffin and tea / selfie! / homemade poutine @ my brother's / taking a walk in the woods / Peach enjoying her walk in the snow! / perks from Converse / February empties / Nintendo 64 with friends / open face avocado, tomato & brie sandwich