April 20, 2015

Guest Post | Obagi C- Clarifying Serum: Dark Spots? No More!

So have you yet heard of the Obagi C- Clarifying Serum? No, it is not just another skin care product, it is an entire innovation at that. A solution for all those troublesome age spots worrying so many women out there. 

April 09, 2015

Guest Cooking | Perfect Bingo Party Meal: Mushroom Manchurian

(image: foodviva.com)

Hi ladies! Recently few days ago had invited few of girly friends for a night out. I was very much confused at what meal to prepare in short span of time. So here is one quick vegetarian recipe and one of my favourite which would definitely help you when you invite your friends or planning for a get together very shortly. 

April 08, 2015

CLOSED - Giveaway | Free Frames @ Firmoo.com

Hello from sunny California! My wandering brought me in the Golden State, where I have been enjoying the amazing weather for the past two weeks, and let me tell you, I am absolutely not ready to come back to cold and grey Québec! I really don't know what my next move will be (or even when!) so in the meantime, I am just making the most out of every second of every day.

April 06, 2015

Guest Post | History Of Cocktails

(image: weheartit)

Cocktails represent a mixture of different liquors. Today, they are one of the most popular drinks in various clubs and bars. Furthermore, they are very diverse, which makes each visit to a cocktail bar a new experience. Good baristas can make a cocktail almost from any type of alcohol. Some of the regular ingredients for these drinks are whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, as well as different types of fruit juices. The flavor of you cocktail can vary from sour to sweet. Simply put, there are unlimited possibilities when you make one of these mixtures.

January 30, 2015

The Beauty Hippie Is On Hiatus!

As mentioned in this post, you probably know that I am currently on a roadtrip in the south of Florida - yes, I have been lucky enough to escape the snowy winter in Québec!