September 29, 2014

X3 Clean Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Since I have always been battling with eczema and dry skin on my hands, I was never able to use hand sanitizers since they were always full of alcohol, and they would sting my skin so badly! Most people don't realize that alcohol-based gels contain 62% ethyl alcohol - Jack Daniel's Whisky has only 40%! If a small children ingests even a tiny amount off their fingers, they can become intoxicated. Alcohol gels strip away the skin's natural oils and severely dries the skin with repeated use which actually increases the number of bacteria on the skin.

September 26, 2014

Amie Skincare - The Natural Way To Achieve Perfect, Flawless Skin

I was delighted to have been given the chance to be introduced to a brand new skincare range to reach the shores of Canada – British skincare brand Amie! Lovingly created in the UK, Amie – meaning “friend” in French – is truly “your skin’s best friend”.  Bursting with natural plant and botanical extracts and free from harsh chemicals, Amie products are gentle yet super-effective. Ideal for sensitive skin that can be oily and prone to breakouts or dryness, they have been especially designed to work in complete harmony with your skin to help keep it clear, soft and radiant.

September 24, 2014

September 22, 2014

Perspirex - Life-Changing Protection

The uncertainty of "do I smell?" or "does it show?" is a key theme for people with special sweat control needs. The fear of being discovered and experiencing the embarrassment of social exclusion can be very stressful. The everyday life can be restricted; avoid wearing certain clothes, wash during the day, apply antiperspirant several times a day and other daily routines where you have to spend time worryng if the wetness problem is obvious to others.

September 19, 2014

Project Pan Them All | August Empties

I have been slowly re-introducing very mild bath products in my routine since I still have very sensitive and reactive skin because of topical steroid withdrawal, and I am glad to have managed to use up a few products.
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